Benefits of Steel


International Product of World Class Standards
50 Years Material Warranty
Factory Precision
Consistent Material Quality- No Regional variations
Produced in strict Accordance with the National Standards with 
Straight walls and Square corners guaranteed


Inorganic- will not rot, swell, warp, split, crack or creep
Invulnerable to termites, fungi, mould and other organisms
Incombustible- does not burn and does not contribute fuel to spread fires
Free of Resin Adhesives and other chemicals
No Cracks or Structural Failures
No Rust
Ventilation on Moisture Rising
Superior Thermal and Acoustic Insulation 1 500% better than brick
Construction material not affected by weather conditions


Stronger than bricks & mortar
Highest strength-to-weight ratio of many building material
600 year durability
Dimensionally Stable – Does not Expand contract with moisture content


Flexible Application – Any shape & Design
Architecturally Attractive
Design to architect specifications and engineering standards
Reduced Foundation Footings and Base plate size
Reduced foundation requirements - 10x lighter structure
Less probability of weather, wind, and earthquake damage


Material price stability – Price spikes extremely rare
Limited wastage – only 2% on-site wastage (conventional building methods: 30%)
Lower Transport Costs


Superior Building Accuracy
Quick Assembly – 50% faster than brick building
Shorter and Predictable construction Schedules
Easier plumbing and  electrical installation
Better utilisation of sloping sites
Less weight impact with a Clean, safe and tidy building site.


Environmentally friendly
Green product / building methods & processes
100% Recyclable
Most recyclable product on the planet- 68% Industry recycling rate
80% reduced carbon footprint


Earlier occupation for customers –
Earning additional rental income and reduced interest
period on bond Accounts
4% more lettable rental area- internal space increase
Up to 40% saving on electricity due to superior insulation
Two hour fire walls